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About me

Hello, I’m Rrrrrose, I’m a music producer who release music under free licence (mostly under Creative Commons 0 public domain). I’m open for musical collaboration if you need some music for your projects. I play a lot of genre of music, mostly noisy stuff. I’ve recorded more than 200 albums and 2000 songs under free licences.

I’m living around Paris and Le Mans, France. I’m non binary genderfluid and use they/them or she/her for pronouns.
If you want to discover what I do, to chat or contact me :

I’m always open for work, collaboration and chat so don’t hesitate to contact me.
Good day !


Thank you a lot if you want to support me !
There is some stuff you can do that will help me a lot.

You can :

  1. Use my music and attribute my work !
  2. Write about my work, how you use it, how you like it (or not)… Don’t hesitate to send me a link !
  3. Buy my music on bandcamp !
  4. Donate me money via Paypal. I need money to buy food and rent !   
  5. Donate regularly on my Patreon page ! This would be amazingly cool !
  6. If you know people working on videogames, films, art projects, galeries, who need music, talk about me !
  7. Hire me ! I produce good music quickly and not very expensive !


All art in this website is by Rrrrrose under Creative Commons 0 licence.
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