Fuzzy Trip in Remixland Vol​.​2

By : Komiku

Genre : cover and remix, lofi, noise, role playing game, soundtrack

Licence : CC-0

This album is entirely composed with samples from really old records. Some have more than 100 years.
It’s hard to tell if everyone of those are under Public Domain licence because of the lack of informations.
I release those tunes under Creative Commons 0 licence but be aware that those songs are not bullet proof over a Content ID claim.

The list of the samples for every tracks :

“I feel like it’s a good idea” is Frank Signorelli – Sweet & Hot
“Let’s do some shopping in the junkyard” is Victor Dance Orchestra – The Great One Step
“Stab dancing” is The Benson Orchestra of Chicago – Na-Jo
“Finally I feel great after a fight !” is Frank Signorelli – Sweet & Hot
“Fishing for stress” is Columbia Orchestra – Musical Snapshots
“Empty Market Place” is Helen Louise & Frank Ferera – Everybody Hula
“Those guys want to surf a pool of blood” is Paul Whiteman and his Orchestra – Albamy Bound
“I’m happy now” and “I’m sad now” are Von Hallberg Trio – You Know
“Decisive knife play” is Fred van Eps – Maurice Tango
“Last flashes of a light bulb” is Charles Magnante – The Two Guitars
“Lost in a very small room” is Vellner Mariska – Daru Madar Fenn Az Egen
“Speed up, slow down, do whatever you need to do” is Charles Magnante – The Two Guitars
“The Hostel of Death” is Lee Sims – Talking to the Moon
“Is this garden real ?” is International Novelty Orchestra – La Paloma
“Ruuuuuuuuuuun !!!” is Fred van Eps – Irish Hearts
“South Robot City” is Athenian Mandolin Quartet – Cacliz March
“I’m deadly serious about this fight” is Carl Fenton’s Orchestra – Pack up your sins and Go to the Devil
“Solemnity” is Boston Symphony Orchestra – Gymnopédie

Fishing for stress originally done for Dari who gave me the motivation to do an other round of those tunes. Many thanks to them <3