Poupi’s Incredible Adventures !

By : Komiku

Genre : doggos, electronic, lofi, progressive, role playing game, soundtrack, utilitarian music

Licence : CC-0

It’s the story of Poupi (they/them/their), a cute little non gendered doggo. They know that their is a prophecy that they have to work on, and they can only work on one week before the prophecy is achieved. The Prophecy goes like this : an other universe will fusion with the Poupi’s Universe, but the universe that attempts to fusion is completely full with solid matter so it will crush totally Poupi’s universe. I don’t know why but Poupi knows about it, maybe because it’s Poupi and they is the best <3. The show/game begins when the prophecy is one week before achievement. To avoid the prophecy to happen, Poupi needs to get the serenity music sheet and the time flute, and play the serenity music sheet with the time flute in the smallest room ever which is conveniently situate into a little strawberry.

Monday, Poupi goes to the weekly fair to buy a bike. They need a bike to go to the space station, to go to the Love Planet and take the music sheet of serenity. In their travel, Poupi has to dodge a short attempt of the universe to fusion. At the fair, they see a fetching contest to win a bike so they participate. They win the bike, Poupi’s happy. Poupi tries to climb the big mountains to go to the space station, in vain, too hard.

Tuesday, Poupi goes to cat city to buy a scooter but they has not enough money. They sees a dance contest to win some money. They ends in a draw with a local alley cats gang who challenge Poupi to a race. If the gang wins, they get Poupi’s bike, if Poupi wins, the gang has to give them a scooter. Obviously Poupi wins.

Wednesday, Poupi goes with their scooter to the space station and travels into space with a little spaceship. They stop into a spacegas station, play some video games, go back in space but has to deal with a bigger attempt of the universe to fusion. They is saved by Mister Paillettes (Mister Glitters), a handsome glitter with a crooner voice. Mister Paillettes is a good guy that needs to stop his nemesis Mr Angst to steal the serenity music sheet because Mr Angst is a music sheet completionist, so they work together. They arrive to Love Planet, then the serenity temple, they arrive at the serenity music sheet’s place at the same time with Mr Angst (that’s inconvenient) and they race into a puzzle game to win or lose the serenity music sheet. After winning, Poupi has to leave behind Mr Paillettes to his business but Poupi knows they will meet again.

Thursday, Poupi has to take a boat to go far away behind the horizon to meet Princess Cheese Burger, a young lady, half lettuce/half mimolette (a french cheese), with burger buns as ears, and sesames as freckles, who have enough strenght to open the cave of time to help Poupi gets the time flute. In their way to go after the horizon, Poupi meets merfolk who sing and give to Poupi a music box containing the merfolk melody. This magic melody is the only melody which can open the invisible curtain which give the access to the after horizon. Poupi decides to sleep in a big seashell hotel room.

Friday, Poupi has to deal with a crushing universe, goes after the horizon and opens the invisible curtain with the music box. They reachs the beach and meets Princess Cheese Burger who was waiting for them. They chill a bit, go to the city, then to the chocolate valley and to the cave of time. Princess Cheese Burger open the access by moving the biggest rock of all time and they go into the cave of time. They arrive to the place, take the flute of time and have to run away Indiana Jones style because the cave is collapsing. After running away, they chill again at the beach to see the sunset on the beach and then Poupi goes back to their town, knowing they will meet again soon.

Saturday, Poupi takes the day to see their grandma. They take the tea together, they talk a lot about beautiful days to come, the old times, the universe, the power of Poupi to take decisions and to be ready to deal with serious business tomorrow. In their way to go back to their house, Poupi has to dodge a big attempt of the universe to fusion.

Sunday, Poupi has the pleasure to see Princess Cheese Burger and Mr Paillettes and the door. Poupi tells to them that they have to enter the smallest room ever that conveniently is in the little strawberry on the floor right now. So Poupi concentrates themself and begins to be smaller, so small that they can enter into the strawberry door, a really little door. Little Poupi touches Mr Paillettes and Princess Cheese Burger with their tiny paw and miniaturize them. They enter the door and have to travel into their last donjon, a really fruity donjon. After some embushes, they arrive into the place Poupi has to play the serenity music sheet. But the universe is really unstable in the strawberry and their is a lot of exchange of solid energy. They have to dodge and wait until this is more calm. At the moment they think it’s ok, the strawberry is grabed by a bird passing by and the universe gets again more confused. After dodging a lot, Poupi has the opportunity to play the serenity music sheet that goes like that : « start playing whatever you want with the time flute until something happens. » And then the universe stops his fusion. The three heroes go out the strawberry and climb on the bird. They see the horizon. After the horizon. Some stars that look like Love Planet and the spacegas station, the big ferris wheel at the local fair, the cate town, the merfolk waving their hands, grandma house. The world is saved for now. Poupi and their friends eat some pizzas and then they all go to sleep. Good night Mr Paillettes. Good night Princess Cheese Burger. Good night Poupi. <3

Here it is, if you want to use the story, please go for it but contact me first, please =)