PPPPPINK QWERTY est un​·​e skateureuse de guitare électrique

By : Rrrrrose Azerty

Genre : dancenoise, electronic, eurobeat, french songs, hardcore, noise, techno

Licence : CC-0

Oh boy I love doing some electronic dance music like this
Videoclip for Extrêmement PD de toi directed by Sofia Versaveau youtu.be/aYxsti3wNJU

/Briser la peine/ was released for a Resonances’s album for Et Ta Cause 2023 in support to the Planning Familial, a french federation of feminist associations which aim to help on sex education, abortion right, supporting LGBTI rights.
Cette Nuit was released for a Resonances’s album for Interglitch 2023 supporting the Brain Institute.
Destruction Derby Baby is the last performance of my Ibanez which helped me create a hundred of albums on this bandcamp.
Le Soleil 1 and Danse² are two songs never released with my friend from Stenifer in our former project Bobo Fragile. beastienoise.bandcamp.com/album/demain-est-annul


released February 23, 2024

Artwork by Rrrrrose Azerty
Title idea for Extrêmement PD de toi by Rrrrrose Azerty and Peggy P
Title idea for AGGRESSIVE FOMO by Rrrrrose Azerty and MixMyu

Free Palestine 🍉