Remix what intimidate you

By : Anonymous420

Genre : cover and remix, noise, vaporwave

Licence : CC-0

Samples by tracks :
Traumerei : Traumerei by Robert Schumann played by Donald Betts
D’un vieux jardin : D’un vieux jardin by Lili Boulanger played by Pandora Selfridge
Asturias : Asturias, suite espanola n°1 op 47 by Isaac Albeniz played by Gordon Rowland
Nocturne, by Fanny Hensel because there is so much nocturne, OMG : Nocturne en sol mineur de Fanny Hensel par Christine Tranchant
Gymnopédie : Gymnopédie by Erik Satie, guitar arrangement by accou and Gymnopédie by Erik Satie played by Edward Rosser
Scherzo by Clara Wieck : Scherzo n°2 op 14 by Clara Wieck played by Luis Sarro
Nocturne, by that guy, you know : Nocturne in D# major op 27 n°2 by Frederic Chopin played by Paul Pitman
Humoresque by Dvorak : Humoresque n°7 op 101 by Anton Dvorak played by Oliver Colbentson


Every piece of original audio is certified public domain by the website musopen.