By : Adeline Adrenaline

Genre : alternative, electronic, hypnagogic, lofi, progressive, synthwave, techno, vaporwave

Licence : CC-0

This album is, like the first one, challenge based.
This time, we used the Aesthetic Wiki to create a music base and to know how to remix/recreate on it. Here are the aesthetics used to create those songs :

melting lollipop : Gummywave → Tachisme
now you know : Operatic Pop → Cosplay
vi driver isär : 90s revival → Hyperpop
plan 9 from the sunny forest : Raypunk → Life Gurl
new dress : VSCO → Vaporwave
eyes on : Lofi → Soft Grunge
i am the night : Pastel Goth → Glam Rock
quare roots : Cubism → Glowwave
c’est la vie : Surfer → Ethereal
bon voyage : Grandmacore → Lofi

Hope you’ll enjoy your listening, it was super fun to do, the result is super quirky but we know we wouldn’t have had those songs without this little game.

Aesthetics Wiki :
RedMarmotte Bandcamp :

Album created by Redmarmotte & Rrrrrose Azerty
Artwork by Redmarmotte

Samples used for melting lollipop :
Jean Mineraud

Samples under Creative Commons 0 used for the base of Raypunk :
Original Dixieland Jazz Band – Tiger Rag One Step
Nat M Wills – Parody on There Never was a Girl Like you
Murry K Hill – A bit of drama
Irene Franklin – I want to be a janitor’s child
Audio enabled – Comet passing
Missburusdeer2011 – Abduction ray
Johnlavine333 – Fiddling with a modified ehx space drum
osfx – Space Hanger
Hjartt – Infolding Bell
Staticpony1 – Alien Beeper
Damain Maguire – Break 120bpm
Johnson Band Editing – Musical Saw ascending UFO
Igramul – Space invader drum