Swirl W​@​tch OST

By : Rrrrrose Azerty

Genre : alternative, ambient, electronic, progressive, soundtrack, synthwave, techno, vaporwave, videogame music

Licence : CC-0

This is the original soundtrack for the game Swirl W@tch available here :

The soundtrack is disposed in multiple layers in the game.
In this release I queued all the layers and sometimes edited the end to make it more nice to hear as a unique piece.
But you can also find all the layers for all tracks in this release if you want to use it to loop them.

Purple Gas Death Ray : 120bpm
Phasing in Deep Matter : 150bpm
Solar Iceolation : 160bpm
Unstable Vibration of the Cell : 120bpm
Infra Red Panic : 150bpm
And Beyond : 100