By : Anonymous420

Genre : cover and remix, electronic, techno, vaporwave

Licence : CC-BY

Remixes of songs in CC-By on the Free Music Archive.

We Fall is remix of “Can’t shake you” of Mise
A little bit higher is a remix of “Push” of Fog Lake
Touch my body is a remix of “I won’t fall in love” of Jens East feat MaryLinn
Rememberance is a remix of “Too late for party” of Unheard Music Concept and “Tethered” of nctrnm
Dam is a remix of “Life we found” of Mercury and the architects
Ride to the party is a remix of “Things to say” of Uncle Milk
Live a little longer is a remix of “Live pills” of Le Capharnaum
Time to go home is a remix of “Meerkats in love” of Jesse Spilane